Gravel, bends and a great scenery

After the baptism of the bike (its name is now La Flecha Negra – black arrow), I headed in the Ruta 5 to the South.

Since the highway is boring and costs money I asked my Navi system to show me other roads. And immediately I came to the first gravel road :-). Beside some sand in the bends the most difficult part is to watch after dogs (mostly homeless). In the moment you stop, people are around me. And a man from South Tirol came over and we talked in German. Finally he asked me if he can help me somehow. This is the experience I made in the first day already: people are so friendly and helpful!
As the rain came into the mountains I decided to change my way to the sea, which was a good idea. Wonderful roads (gravel as well as asphalt) are in the area around Licantén.

On a camping place in Laguna Torca I spent my first night. In this moment everything is absolutely perfect.

Now I am on the way to Panimavída to visit a girlfriend who I met in Salamanca. Perhaps I will change my bike into a horse for a day…

2 thoughts on “Gravel, bends and a great scenery

  1. Hi Thommy, looks great ! The little hairy friend at your bike, what’s his name ? 🙂
    Take care, have a great trip and a good start. All the best, dave


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