The adventure can begin

Today was D-Day and I was really exited. Fernando was so kind to drive me with his car to Valparaiso very early in the morning. When we arrived in the office of the transport service (one room on the 4th floor) we met 2 French and 2 Swiss bikers who were waiting as well for their papers.image

The good news was that most of the paperwork was already done for us (which usually takes another one or two days) and we all went together to the immigration office (for the bikes)

After a nice diner Fernando drove all of us to the warehouse 20km far from the office.

imageAnd after some more paperwork and stuffed with helmets and security jackets…


…we finally found all our bikes.

The batteries got fixed and after a last comparison of the chassis numbers with the papers we finally got off the area and headed towards the petrol station:-)

In the name of all of us: Thank you Fernando for your great support and patience!!!

Now I need only to figure out how I will get all my stuff on my bike. I guess I have too many things with me…

5 thoughts on “The adventure can begin

  1. You look like a vey happy guy, Thommy! And obviously all prep things went well for a perfect tour start! Take care and lots of fun!


  2. Man beachte die strahlenden Augen des kleinen Thommys!
    Verständlich, man könnte wirklich neidisch werden.
    Thommy geniesse den Trip


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