Now well prepared

Now I’m ready. I got all necessary vaccinations:

  • yellow fever
  • hepatitis A+B
  • canine madness
  • tetanus
  • diphteria
  • poliomyelitis

My dentist confirmed that everything is fine to go up to 5.000 m.

And I got my diving fitness examination to go for a dive on the Galápagos Islands.

Certificate 20.11.2015

imageAfter 2 weeks intensive course where I have learned a lot I’m proud to have achieved this certificate. The school is really good and recommendable.

Tomorrow I will take the 7 a.m. bus to Madrid and will visit the Prado as well as Reina Sofía before I fly back home to Munich.


Visit Ávila 14.11.2015


After a hard week in my Spanish school, this morning I took the bus to Ávila, a World CulturalStadtmauer Avila Heritage. The 2.5 km wall around the centre is impressive and within the wall one of the cathedrals (Cathedral de Ávila) was built in. It is a beautiful little town in the north-west of Madrid (110 km) at a height of 1.130 m.Von Stadtmauer Avila

In contrast to Salamanca the weather was fantastic: no fog, no cloud and really warm. So I could sit outside for lunch in a nice little restaurant called “La Escalera”. In the cathedral there are so many things to see. It is worthwhile to spend € 5,- for the entrance. The bus back to Salamanca was at 7.15 p.m. and arrived at 8.45 p.m. What a wonderful day!˝ Read More