From Ica to Máncora

Fri 29.4.2016

Two guys who helped me with Flecha carrying down to the street recommend me to drive to Pisco first and turn right then to Huancavelica abbiegen. The first 100km are boring but reaching the mountains right after Pisco makes me excited. It is so varied that I forget to make a break.

Much earlier than the boys forecasted I reach Huancavelica and so I decide to drive further to Huancayo. At a traffic light a car stopped next to me and the assistant driver opens the door and smashed into my left case so heavily that I fall on the right side. I’m so pissed that I shout to the driver that he has to help me with my bike. Flecha stands again and i drive further. Only at my next stop I realize that my right case is damaged too much to close tightly. So I hope no rain will come soon. In this case I have to tape it. Shit! After 8 hours and 490km I reach Huancayo. It is dark and my GPS doesn’t know the right street numbers. Finally I find the 3-star hotel „Los Balcones“ with parking and a huge room for 50Sol (€13,-). In this case I can afford a nice dinner in the restaurant Detras de la Cathedral nearby. Even though I passed uncountable police controls I had never to stop and to show my insurance police so far.

Sat 30.4.2016

The first 50km in direction to Huánuco are so boring like listening to the gras growing. But then it gets greener, nicer and sinuous.

I can see the snow covered 6.000er.



On my way I pass a trist village but with an interesting Plaza: Huayre. Before I reach the city traffic of Huánacos I absorb the beautiful impressions and flavors along the canyon. At 3 p.m. I reach the Plaza de Armas and since my GPS doesn’t know any hotels here I ask in the 4-star Grand Hotel for a room. For 100Sol (€26,-) I get a huge room, parking and: a pool.

After a hair dresser’s visit who spent much more time than ever on my hair cut I’m looking for a restaurant. This is more difficult than expected and I land in a hall similar to a station. But the vegetable tortilla was better than expected. The horns and traffic – mainly the mototaxis – are driving me nuts. I couldn’t live in a Peruvian city.

Mototaxis in Huánuco

Mototaxis in Huánuco

Sun 1.5.2016

After having a good night’s rest I enjoy the breakfast buffet at around 9 a.m., get in touch with home and start at 11 a.m. by looking for a gas station with 95 octan. It brings me back 5km before I’m heading Huaraz. Shortly after reaching the the horrible road I understand why Google says it will take 6 hours for 280km. A road with heavy pot holes lets my shoulder and wrists hurt a lot. I loved to have more time to watch the nice landscape.


Just around 4p.m. I La Unión. Too early for looking after a stay. i like the evening hours and so get an incredible ride through a canyon.

After a while I reach a nicely asphalted road and I have a lot of fun now. And i accepted a 54km a detour instead of another gravel road through a national park with probably a lot of rain and just 8°C. The sunset is gorgeous.

At 7 p.m. I reach Huaraz’ Plaza de Armas asking the police for a nice hotel with parking for Flecha. Immediately some more officers come along but none of them were really able to help me in this case. I ask my GPS and get a room in the hotel „Suiza Peruana“. I fully exhausted and feel each bone of my body.

Mon 2.5.2016

Today Chacas is on my plan. Until the turn-off in Carhuaz it is dull, but what now follows is a full 5* sinuous road. After each bend I get a new view on the many mountains around me, Kristall clear streams and high waterfalls.

At 4.600m the tunnel Punta Olympia brings me to the other side and offers a view on the Laguna Yarranaju.

In Chacas I make a break. As it will minimum take another 4 hours to drive back on the other side in the north I’m wise and decide to drive back on the same road I came.

way from Chacas to San Luis

way from Chacas to San Luis

In Yungay, that is not very attractive, I find a nice hotel for 50Sol. Flecha can park in the patio through the dining room.

Tue 3.5.2016

The road to the famous Lagune Llanganuco (entrance fee in the park: 10Sol) is horrible but at such a beautiful weather the laguna is impressive.

Around noon I’m back in Bungay and heading after a piece of cake and a coffee to Trujillo. Google estimates 6 hours for 265km. Let’s see. Right after Colcas it becomes fantastic along a deep canyon with many little tunnels.

way from Yungay to Yuracmarca

way from Yungay to Yuracmarca

After 50km it’s finished and horrible gravel starts. Not sure if I knew this before that I have done the morning trip. Not able to drive faster than 25km/h. Temperature is up to 35°C. Puh! After 35km it gets better.

way from Yuracmarca to Chimbote

way from Yuracmarca to Chimbote

But now the wind blows heavily and brings me to places where I don’t wankt to be. At a bridge I see a perfect road on the other side! Unfortunately it is not my way. I have to follow the dirt road. And ever and ever I have to stop behause workers try to keep the raid clean.

way from Yuracmarca to Chimbote

way from Yuracmarca to Chimbote

Somewhen it turns into asphalt again and even it is 50km longer I drive via Chimbote.

Not sure what for these little “basket houses” are, but they look funny. Again exhausted I reach Trujillo at daylight! In Hotel Colonial,

where Flecha can park straight next to the reception desk I meet the Suisse guys from the jungle tour again. They have to leave soon. What a pity. A little sightseeing in the evening. The cathedral is simple but has nice roof paintings.

Around Plaza des Armas there is only some shops and not many people. In the very nice restaurant El Cellar I get a nice dinner.

Wed 4.5.2016

A taxi brings me for 12Sol (€3,20) to the Museo Chan Chan, that is not very attractive. The city itself is another 2km far from here. This old adobe city was built hundred of years ago on an area of 20km2. 30.000 habitants lived there. El Niño unfortunately destroyed a lot of this world heritage,

before the government of Peru decided to cover this city and maintain it better. Most of the tables are not existing anymore and even trash is visible behind the walls. Awful! I take a taxi to the other side of the city to visit Hauch De La Luna and its museum. Much more informative. I follow a guided tour and am much more impressed how well preserved it is.

I ask the group if they can take me back to the city without knowing that it is by far the smallest car you can get. And after 20m a flat tyre stops us.

taxi flat tyre Huaca de la luna

taxi flat tyre Huaca de la luna

Jorge changes the tyre, then 5 adult men in this car hope to reach the city without another break.

Thu 5.5.2016

Already at 8.30 a.m. I let Trujillo behind me behause 600km are lying in front of me today to Máncora. With a little break at the gas station I’m faster than expected.

At 3 p.m. I reach the coast line and find a nice hotel with sea view, pool and room with air condition for 95 Sol incl. breakfast. Here I will stay for the next 3 nights and relax.

Fri 6.5.2016 / Sat 7.5.2016

Relaxing and enjoying!!

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