Mendoza to Valparaíso

Fri 4.3.2016

The way to Santiago is well marked and so no problem to find, although my GPS doesn’t like cross-border navigation. And after a while it becomes a nice road

RN7 Mendoza to Santiago

RN7 Mendoza to Santiago

Suddenly the police stops me.A control? No, the road is closed because of an accident two days ago. The lorry needs to be retrieved with a big crane. Luckily they open the road much faster than expected. With the bike I am the first at the border and there I get asked what happened. The first time I had to fill out the paper for the motorbike by myself. Whenever I thought I’m ready the officer tells me that another stamp is missing. One officer sends me to the next and again back to the first. I’m lost and finally a nice guy helps me with the necessary stamps. Again back in Chile 27 hairpin bends follow.

RN60 to Santiago

RN60 to Santiago

The remaining way to Santiago is boring and the rush-hour with 35°C energy-sapping. I arrive at 6 p.m. at Beatriz’ and Fernando’s house.

Sa 5.3.2016 Day-Off

Today just reading and dozing at the pool. In the evening we prepare Fernando’s old  motorbike for tomorrow’s race on the Leydaring.

Sun 6.3.2016 The race

While Fernando participates in the group of the Clásicos, his father Patricio is being part of the scooter race. With 85 years by far the oldest participant. Unfortunately Fernando’s bike has electrical problems and breaks after the first round. Bummer!

At least Patricio can make his two races. And the kids cannot be young enough to start with practicing.

Mon 7.3.2016 To Valparaíso

First of all I’m looking for the only SIDI-dealer in Chile. And actually he has the spare soles I’m searching for. And with € 17,- even cheaper than in Germany (~ € 30,-). Greatl!
The highway to Valparaíso is not spectacular and I’m happy when I reach the hostel on Cerro Alegre. At 3 p.m. Tour4Tips offers a 3-hours walking tour through the areas that belong to the UNESCO world cultural heritage, mainly Cerros Alegre und Conceptíon with their many murals.

Tue 8.3.2016

In the morning I do another route with the same provider and get much more details about the city and its history and in the afternoon I visit the house of Pablo Neruda. Many narrow alleys and small staircases invite to amble. At night I find a nice patio with very good food… and a grey cat.

Back in the hostel I change my soles and get after 4 times 13 screws a typical IKEA-blister in the inner side of my right hand 🙂

Wed 9.3.2016

Today the sun is shining already Win the morning hours. Following a wonderful coast line and smelling the sea it is fun to cruise. After 100km the road end in the RN5 and I make a break in Pichicuy and change afterwards the direction to the mountains because it is foggy and the sun is gone. It doesn’t take long and the sun is back and the temperature climbs 10°C higher up to above 30°C. The street is made for bikers and landscape has been changed immediately.

Allover cacti, the rest is desert. Here and there some green lines where water spends some life. The street via Combarbalá to Cogoti is perfectly paved. Then I decide to change to a graved road through the viands and won’t be disappointed.

It goes up and down slightly, but all of a sudden it’s getting steeper and rocks come along and … wumms! Again Flecha is laying down.

Thanks to WD40 I’m able to unpack everything including the two cases. This was really important as nobody is coming along to help me in this situation. After 20 minutes I’m ready again! It’s a dream to drive in the evening hours and after arriving La Ligua I’m following a paved road to Monte Patria. At the camping municipal I find a place for the night, and since the Administration is closed the man who seems responsible for the camp ground tells me that I can stay for free! Wow. And all is really clean, and I’m alone.

Do 10.3.2016 So many stars

A sinuous road brings me to Ovalle. And again the fog pops up. So, back to the mountains in direction to Samo Alto fahre. On its way I visit the NP Monumento Natural Pichasca, in that the first Dinos in South America were found.

From Hurtado onwards dirt road is back.

Via Serpentines and many bends I reach the top of nearly 2.000m. And although I have not much water I decide to stay in this indescribable region with its silence and, after the night came, so many stars..

Fri 11.3.2016

I enjoy my breakfast in this silence and loneliness. Due to the higher hills it takes longer until the sun comes around.

camp site way from Hurtado to Vicuña

camp site way from Hurtado to Vicuña

I like the street down to Vicuña.

way to Vicuña

way to Vicuña

The way to La Sarena is much nicer than expected and I happy to drive it back on Sunday. Again I follow a recommendation of my Footprint guide and land in the hostel El Punto with a parking possibility, nice rooms and friendly people. In the afternoon I walk through the city and visit an artificial park called Jardín Japonés.


One thought on “Mendoza to Valparaíso

  1. Querido Thomás, ojala que aún te recuerdes de nosostras porque nosostras aún te recordamos, constantemente. Hemos leído las aventuras de tu viaje y lamentamos no haber previsto a tiempo tu paso por Santiago ya que pensábamos que seria los últimos días del mes; Sentimos no poder compartir contigo y escuchar tus experiencias personalmente. Nos damos cuentas que estás muy bien, te seguiremos a través de tu blog y esperamos que sigas teniendo experiencias asombrosas como hasta ahora.
    Cariños y abrazos
    Constanza y Geraldine
    (Punta Arenas)


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