Gravel, bends and a great scenery

After the baptism of the bike (its name is now La Flecha Negra – black arrow), I headed in the Ruta 5 to the South.

Since the highway is boring and costs money I asked my Navi system to show me other roads. And immediately I came to the first gravel road :-). Beside some sand in the bends the most difficult part is to watch after dogs (mostly homeless). In the moment you stop, people are around me. And a man from South Tirol came over and we talked in German. Finally he asked me if he can help me somehow. This is the experience I made in the first day already: people are so friendly and helpful!
As the rain came into the mountains I decided to change my way to the sea, which was a good idea. Wonderful roads (gravel as well as asphalt) are in the area around Licantén.

On a camping place in Laguna Torca I spent my first night. In this moment everything is absolutely perfect.

Now I am on the way to Panimavída to visit a girlfriend who I met in Salamanca. Perhaps I will change my bike into a horse for a day…

The adventure can begin

Today was D-Day and I was really exited. Fernando was so kind to drive me with his car to Valparaiso very early in the morning. When we arrived in the office of the transport service (one room on the 4th floor) we met 2 French and 2 Swiss bikers who were waiting as well for their papers.image

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Two days in Santiago

Fernando, Fernanda, Emilio and Pepe showed me Santiago from the top of Cerro San Cristóbal.


From there you have a great 360° view over Santiago.

The next day we all walked to the northernmost glacier in Chile called El Morado in the southeast of Santiago (90km). It took us four hours back and forth and it was absolutely worthwhile to do it… but decide by your own…