First border crossing

Due to a horrible Internet connection here in Chaltén I will add more pictures later.

Sun 24.1.2016

The weather was much better than expected. So, I changed my decision and drove the 130km to Caleta Tortel. The road is a challenge but the landscape is wonderful. Along lakes though forests


and powdered Anden in the back I enjoyed the ride and arrived surprisingly without any rain 2 ½ hours later in Tortel, a village which has only wooden houses connected by wooden trails. Finally the sun came out. It was worthwhile to do it. On my way back to Cochrane I found a nice place with rabbits in the fields. And, after my tent was built up, other friends I didn’t think about. Ten cows are very interested in me and my stuff and I had a lot to do to get rid of them.

Mon 25.1.2016

After buying some stuff in the Supermarket – one where you amazingly could buy almost everything, e.g. boat motors, microwaves, routers, TV, all products from Stiehl, etc. – I drove back to North for 10km before I headed to Paso Roballos. Behind the third corner I met my first GuanacosP1060231

and a Condor is flying above me. After a while I saw in the mirror a headlight that came nearer very quickly and was overtaking me. What the hell is this? Two people on an Africa Twin (RD4), respect! At the Chilean boarder I met Alex and Isi from Tübingen again. And from now on we drove together. Only 10 min at this boarder and another 20 min at the Argentinian boarder, that’s it.IMG_2501

The road was very challenging because big gravel, big holes and suddenly upcoming wind needed high concentration. Flamingos and Nandus came along and after 70km we came to the well paved Routa 40. In Baja Caracola we got petrol and finally a little space for the tents at a strange landlord’s ground.

Tue 26.1.2016

Heading to the South we saw a fox crossing the road. The rest is not very interesting and in Governando Georges we were looking for money that is not that easy in Argentina because all credit cards with the new chip on it are not accepted. Damn! Luckily we got some Pesos in the restaurant where we ate the best empanadas so far. The owner changes US Dollars (1:13) as well as Euros (1:14). The wind is really low from Tres Lagos onwards to El Chaltén the scenery became more various. We found a very nice camp ground and ate one of the best steak ever. We will stay in Chaltén for three nights.

Wed 27.1.2016

A wonderful morning with sun and nearly no wind let us start the trail to Laguna de los Tres. While we see Monte Fitz Roy (3.405m) at the beginning surrounded by clouds we could see it better and better the more we walked. After the last kilometer of ten that was by far the hardest we got such an impressive panorama.DSC_0360

We had again so much luck with the weatherP1060301_

and after 8 ½ hours we were back to the starting point. What a nice route!

Thu 28.1.2016

While Isi and Alex are doing another trail today to Cerro Torre (3.102m) I maintain my bones and spend the day for recovering.

2 thoughts on “First border crossing

  1. Hallo thomas,

    tolle bilder. Fitz Roy und Cerro Torre für Bergsteiger mit das Größte.
    Alles gute auf deiem weiteren trip – bin ganz gespannt.
    grüße willy


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