Link to Cruise video

Click here for the video of our dive cruise around Galápagos Islands.

Thank you Henry!

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Some pictures

Over last days I spent 2 days in Rari and changed my bike into a horse.

This place was like a paradise and I met Johanna who I first met in Salamanca.
From there I rode down to the National Park Conguillio where I first struggled with the sand.

And so I couldn’t watch and drive at the same time.
My next stop was Laguna Blanco.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the Laguna and finally I was happy that I didn’t fall.
As more than 50% is gravel I decided to make a 2 day stop at a camping near Lican Ray at the Lago Ranco.

Not each day to built the tent is really something I appreciate 😊 With a gorgeous nature and dreams of hedges I headed to Termas Puyehue.


Gravel, bends and a great scenery

After the baptism of the bike (its name is now La Flecha Negra – black arrow), I headed in the Ruta 5 to the South.

Since the highway is boring and costs money I asked my Navi system to show me other roads. And immediately I came to the first gravel road :-). Beside some sand in the bends the most difficult part is to watch after dogs (mostly homeless). In the moment you stop, people are around me. And a man from South Tirol came over and we talked in German. Finally he asked me if he can help me somehow. This is the experience I made in the first day already: people are so friendly and helpful!
As the rain came into the mountains I decided to change my way to the sea, which was a good idea. Wonderful roads (gravel as well as asphalt) are in the area around Licantén.

On a camping place in Laguna Torca I spent my first night. In this moment everything is absolutely perfect.

Now I am on the way to Panimavída to visit a girlfriend who I met in Salamanca. Perhaps I will change my bike into a horse for a day…

Bus ticket purchased for Check-In

Just to be on the safe side I have today purchased a bus ticket from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza (Argentina). In order to show the airline (in my case Condor) at the check-in desk in Munich how I will get out of the country after immigration, because I bought a one-way-ticket to Chile. It is nothing Chile’s immigration desk wants to see but only the airline.

I hope this will be sufficient and will convince them.

Costs for the ticket: $ 41,53

Cancellation possible until: 72 hrs before departure

Costs for cancellation: 15% of ticket price = $ 6,23 ( < € 6,-)