Back to Puerto Montt

After 2 days on Chiloé where I found a beautiful camping site near the pacific next to the national park I had to travel back to Puerto Montt because no ferry was available for me and my motorbike.
The national park was a little disappointing because the indigenous don’t care about the nature and oil is at many places. A trail on my map was final a forest road and therefore not as nice as hoped. I went back to the beach and spent there 2 hours.

Castro is a really nice village with a pretty wooden church.

Driving back in the evening it happened. A deep road hole… which I saw the day before but now it was too late. I smashed into it and… luckily nothing happened with my wheel nor with the rim. Only my windshield extension flew away. And due to high grass I couldn’t find it.
It rained the whole night (but wasn’t that cold than the night before where the temperature went down below 10°C) and just in time it stopped in the morning.

I could pack a dry tent and headed back to Puerto Montt.
The street workers were just cutting the grass and so… I found my windshield!!
The weather forecast doesn’t look good and I took out all my rain protection.
With the begin of the carretera austral in Puerto Montt I have 24.000km on my speedometer (start was at 21.500km in Valparaiso) and I’m 1.100 km south from Santiago.
The next challenge will be to get a ferry on the way down. And hopefully the rain stops 🙂

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